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California Covid-19 Data Tracker

We are around an entire year into this pandemic, with more than 224,000 deaths, and more than 70,000 new cases and 800 deaths every day in this country. There are new hot spots popping up in the US and all over the world. Herd immunity, whether due to infection or vaccination, is still many months or even years away — if it happens at all.
This website is a small effort to bring an awareness to this pandemic to your county and neighborhood. The data below shows information such as how many new cases reported, and how many beautiful lifes we lost to the ugliest pandemic in the history.
Please stay safe, use all precautionary measures to block the spreading of this. Vaccinations are still several months away, lets do what we can!


A snapshot of covid cases in the county is as below. To see a different county, click on the county in the below map
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